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Hey babe,

That body you're in.. show her off. I realize this is a more intimate experience than most of the other photography sessions you have done or will do. So, for you first timers I would like to give as much info as I can about the experience + all the tips and tricks I know so you don't feel like you're going in blind. 


THE RUNDOWN: During any of my photoshoots clients usually take a minute to warm up and this kind of shoot is no exception. I definitely keep that in mind while shooting. I typically start with the least revealing pieces and then work our way down. This session can be as revealing or discrete as you want and I will respect whatever you decide. I am not shy. It is important to me that you, as a client, feel comfortable the entire process. There is typically wine flowin' and music playin' to assist with that as well. 

LOCATION: I usually get an idea of your pieces and desired overall aesthetic for the shoot beforehand. Typical locations used are in-home (make sure you have good natural lighting for us), air bnbs (so many good options to find that exact aesthetic you want), or outside (private property of course). 


ATTENDANTS: You are more than welcome to bring a friend if you feel like it will make the experience better for you, but in my experience it usually just ends up being another set of eyes watching.

These kinds of sessions are always rewarding for both me + you. I love watching women feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin and you get see how hot you really are through the eyes of everyone else in the world. 


all sessions include a private online gallery with printing rights


$525 + sales tax

1 hour

1 piece

20 digital images


$625 + sales tax

1.5 hours

2 piece

25 digital images 


$725 + sales tax

2 hours

3 pieces

30 digital images 

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