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8 hours of coverage

online digital gallery

1 hour bridal session

1 hour engagement session

printing rights

second shooter 4,650


+ sales tax

8 hours of coverage

online digital gallery

printing rights

second shooter $4,000

+ sales tax

5 hours of coverage

online digital gallery

printing rights

second shooter 2,600

+ sales tax




You can add on an engagement, bridal, and/or boudoir session to any of the packages above with a 10% discount if you have already booked your wedding with me (contract signed + deposit paid).


- Time efficiency: If you are wanting all the special shots pre-ceremony and the schedule is looking a little tight it is a huge time saver if we can be shooting 2 things at once. For example, I can be getting pictures of you putting on your dress while my second shooter can get some shots of the groom/groomsmen getting ready. 

- Capture other important attendants: basically my job is to follow you and/or the groom around all day. A second shooter gives us the opportunity to capture the days through other people's eyes as well. For example, as you're walking down the aisle I can be focusing on capturing you and your groom's reaction while my second shooter would be able to capture your mother or grandmother's reaction. 

- Wedding size: the larger the wedding the more I encourage a second shooter just because there is simply more to capture. Larger weddings usually suggest a bigger venue/space which makes it that much more resourceful to be able to be in two places at once. Also, a rule of thumb I usually encourage, if you have more than 6 bridesmaids/groomsmen in your bridal party a second shooter is super helpful wrangling that crowd during bridal party photos. 

- Getting creative: I can also allow my second shooter to play with their camera settings and create some cool images with light drags, no flash, etc. These are not always guaranteed to turn out well which is why I don't like experimenting if I am shooting solo. 


When choosing your package and thinking about the time frame you would want me there I always consider 2-3 hours before the ceremony start time to send off as a good range (for example: if your ceremony was at 5pm I would suggest your time frame to be 2-10pm or 3-11pm). Add on hours are an option but I max at 10 hours. Fake send offs or a grand entrance are also an option if the budget doesn't allow for extra hours. 

PLEASE CONSIDER WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN WHEN CHOOSING A CEREMONY TIME. Make sure you are leaving enough time post-ceremony to get all the shots you are wanting while the sun is still up. 

I hope this answered some questions for you & I am more than happy to answer any more questions you have once you inquire. There will also be plenty of communication between us before the big day as well allowing for all details to be discussed and finalized!

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