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Hey there -


it's me, Madison & I'm so stoked you're here. Thanks for being interested in my art and I'd love for you to be apart of it. I'm a Texas based photographer that loves to travel to all the pretty corners of this earth. I specialize in lifestyle + wedding photography with the intention of every shoot being as authentic to the subject as possible. 

Photography has been a huge part of my life for 5+ years now and every single day I am thankful for it. I get to spend plenty of time getting to know you guys as clients so here's a little jump start to get to know me:



I'm an enneagram 8 - The Challenger. Big believer in the enneagram system and it's almost scary how well these people know my brain. I would say by biggest attribute from my personality would be the ability to take charge, but not feeling the need to be in charge. I can fill whatever role is needed.



I have a fur child named Dixie. She's an Australian Shepard and she loves swimming, spooning, and ice cream cones. I'm a huge dog person, well, animal person really so if you ask to bring fur babies along to your session with me there 101% chance I'm going to say yes. 



If I could travel back to any era it would be the 70's. I'm convinced I would have been a full blown hippie. I hate shoes, hair brushes, and bras. I would have fit right in. Not to mention the style from that time frame being absolutely unmatched.


Capturing the authenticity of the moment



"Madison's photography speaks for itself. Without a

doubt she is worth every penny we pay. Aside from

the quality of work she produces - MADISON, herself,

is the reason we keep coming back for more. Our

toddler thinks they are besties at this point, and we

love that Madison gets our personalities and helps us

bring them out in our sessions."


—  Niki DeLeon

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