Madison Kennedy

My Why

your story is worth telling

I can remember taking my first photos. In high school I would steal my mom's little crop frame digital camera and snap away at any family event. My brain instantly connected it to looking at old photos of me and my childhood. Obviously parts of it I could pull straight from memory, but the way photos filled in the gaps and solidified my experiences. And as I sat there taking photos of current moments I could already feel the nostalgia of them turning into sweet sweet memories. From there I was hooked -

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Experience over everything


- Telling stories through photos has been on my heart ever since; and when there's something on your heart, there's a reason. It's called passion - pursue it.

So here I stand, capturing stills for people all around the world from this movie we call life. Turning my passion into my job was the best decision I ever made. Every story is worth telling and the people who entrust their story to me hold a special place in my heart.

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My Philosophy

how the magic happens -

My Philosophy

When you hold space for your emotions to run wild magic will happen. I'm not here to pose you for a picture, I'm here for the real stuff. The wild, golden, sparkly things that light your soul up a little bit.

For me to capture it you have to show it to me. I vow to always create a space where you can bust your heart wide open. Where love can run wild and the movie of life is playing, however it may look. Unapologetically happening. Authentically capturing it all.

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Invest in your story -

The way I lean into photography is a sweet blend of a documentary + editorial style. I want the story to be told the way it happened. Simply documented as the beautiful story it is, the way it was meant to be told. Throughout that story I love to pull a few bold shots out of my sleeve. These require a bit more direction but give you those 'cover of a magazine' moments that highlight your bigger than life moments with some bigger than life photos.